Thursday, June 30, 2011


Things are really happening!  This week you've got:
Fennel Bulb
Lettuce (it's a cute mini variety named Tom Thumb)
Green Onion
Beets/Beet thinnings
and one lucky soul has broccoli-  I'll giving one person per week broccoli because the plants are putting up heads at varying times, but you'll all get it at least once.

With the beet thinnings, you can sautee the whole thing up, root and all, or you can cut the root off and use the baby greens for a salad (yum!).  For those of you with whole beets, try a quick steam, followed by a light sautee in olive oil, and then throw some goat cheese on there with some coarse sea salt.

The green onions make a fabulous part of a salad or can be used as a garnish.  They're particularly good atop an asian soup or stir-fry (like maybe a stir-fry with some peas.......), or on some nachos.  So good.

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