Thursday, June 16, 2011

Harvest #2

The second week of harvest is upon us!  And to think I was worried about having enough for boxes!  The lettuce has gone crazy, and I'll need to give you those radishes before they start splitting.  I know choking down a farm fresh salad can be difficult, but maybe you can do it!

In the box this for week 2:
Butterhead Lettuce
Green Garlic or Scapes
Mustard Greens

The radishes are super strong, so try this recipe to mellow them out:  Shred the radishes with a cheese grater or food processor, cut up cilantro, and mix all that up with a little toasted sesame oil for a light side salad.

The green garlic or scapes are very versatile!  Chop them up and throw them in scrambled eggs or stir fry.  Sautee them with olive oil and lemon and fold them into some linguini, etc. etc.

The rest is pretty straightforward.  Enjoy!

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