Monday, May 23, 2011

Farm within a farm

Thank you, thank you, one thousand times thank you to Melanie Plies, farmer at Backyard Bounty.  She has generous loaned me 240 square feet to further my farm dreams.   In return I give her my willing labor: a small price to pay to be around her boisterous spirit and eat her delicious farm lunches.

My little row sits just east of a gorgeous wall of flowering brassica.  In front you see bulbing fennel followed by arugula.  The long rows of green in the back are new radishes that I just finished thinning.  (More detailed photos to come!)

Backyard Bounty has been a wonderful inspiration to me and I'm so grateful that I get to work there again this year.  Working out there has taught me the wonderful lesson that we all have the power to manifest our dreams.  You can visit Melanie's website at

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