Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taking Advantage of a Nice Day

There is so much work to be done in April- row and bed prep, transplanting, clearing, digging.  It's hard to motivate during this last month of cold and rain, so using these sporadic nice days is an intrinsic part of farming.
After repotting kale, broccoli, and cabbage seedlings, and hardening them off, they're ready to go in the ground.  This feels like such a triumph!  Weeks of coddling and checking on them result in a tender transplant and then they're left to their own devices.  (Insert metaphor of a parent sending a child off to college here.)  Beets, chard, radishes, and carrots also got direct sown this past week.  Hopefully the rain will keep up enough to wet them down, but not drown them.

  I'm dreaming of the days when I'll don my sun hat....

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