Thursday, August 15, 2013

Harvest #12

In your box:

Hot peppers
Fresh Coriander

Sick of summer squash yet? Yeah, me too.  There's always the classic zucchini bread to use 'em up.  But try this recipe for squash fritters if you're more in a savory mood:

Grate the squash and squeeze out the water.  Add salt, pepper, the hot peppers (leave in the seeds...they're not too spicy), and the fresh coriander.  Throw in some egg and flour to thicken.  Form little patties and fry them in whatever you want.  I think butter is the most delicious, but high heat oil would be fine too (canola, safflower, or sunflower.  Or if you're feeling crazy, try sesame oil, make a peanut dipping sauce and have yourself an Indian-ish Thai-ish feast.)

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