Thursday, July 25, 2013

Harvest #9

It's hard to keep track of everything that's bursting out of the ground right now!  Hope y'all are enjoying summer as much as I am!

In the box this week:
summer squash
plums (they are falling into the yard at the Appendix Space from a tree next door.  I didn't grow them, but I sure as hell am gonna harvest some for you!)
tomato + basil OR peppers (it'll swap next week and eventually they'll all be coming out your ears)

A note on chard: chard can be a complicated green; it's too heavy and earthy for salad, but too light to really hold its own in a stir fry.  But chard is my favorite green for braising.  Cut up the whole bunch and throw it in a skillet with some water and balsamic vinegar for as long as it takes to get nice and soft to your preference.  Salt to taste with regs salt of tamari!

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