Friday, July 5, 2013

Harvest #6

Hope everyone had an awesome 4th.  Thanks for waiting an extra day for the goods.

This week in the box:
summer squash

The eternal question:  Can I use my carrots tops?  The answer is: totally!  They have a wonderful herbaceous flavor.  The greens are tough and fibrous so I recommend making a sauce out of them.  I've heard of people making carrot top "pesto," but I would adjust the language slightly and suggest a simple puree.  Throw the tops in a blender with some lemon juice, macerated shallots, and salt, and puree it all up.  You can use the puree to bulk up salad dressing, dress meats or fish, or the give flavor to sauteed vegetables.   Or make yourself a little appetizer and spread it on some baguette with goat cheese!

*I washed a lot of little slugs out of the lettuce this morning!  I definitely recommend giving it another good dousing before eating.

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