Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Begin Again

Happy Autumn Equinox!

As usual, Portland summer extended straight through September and right up to the 22nd when it promptly turned to Fall.  Now there are little flurries of crackly leaves in the streets as I bike from one end of town to the other.  It is an interesting time of year in the farm world.  We're busily trying to finish our harvests while making sure everything is prepared for the winter and spring: getting cover crop in, planting garlic, and essentially tucking our rows and beds in for the night.  We're also TIRED after busting ass all season.  I always liken the feeling to the push the marathoner gives at the end.  She's been giving it her all for those 25 miles and has to give it her all and more for that last 26th mile.  Yet with the end in sight, I have found myself reviving a bit and that last push doesn't seem so hard.

After taking a break from Thistle Top Farm for the 2012 season to work on a fully functioning, rural, organic farm (Simington Gardens), I'm happy to announce that I'll be gearing up again for another TTF season in 2013!  I'll be extending the season by a few weeks (I wasn't ready to be done last year!), and, because of that, raising the price of one share to $300.  Still the best deal in town though, so don't be shy and hit me up if you want fresh, friend-grown produce all season.

There are a few folks to thank so far for sharing their space with me:  Vanessa Renwick, Allan Wilson, and The Appendix Space (my favorite spot from last year!).  I would like one more big spot, so if you have some ideas, please share!

Thanks for all the support!
Love, Clea

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