Thursday, June 6, 2013

Harvest #2

This week in the box:

peas OR green garlic (half of you got peas and half got garlic– it'll swap next week)
tiny radish bunches

While I was harvesting garlic this morning, I was breathing in their strong smell and I kept thinking about ginger!  A perfect pairing!  I feel like most of you know how to use these veggies, but I'll throw out some suggestions anyway.

Arugula- obvs makes a great spicy salad!  One of my favorite ways to use arugula is to put a small handful on top of a hot pile of risotto or pasta.  Or use it as a bed for a sumptuous piece of fish.  It create a great taste and consistency spectrum the way it half-wilts/half-stays fresh as you're eating.

Kale- stewed or braised is a great way to eat kale.  I like to cook it down with a little bit of tamari.

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